Thought of U - About Me

Thought of U was born from knowing too many people with birthdays between March and August. Seriously. 

Special occasions have always been suuuuper special in my family, but sometimes there are too many good things for your time (and paycheck) to go around.

I wanted to create small, thoughtful items for big events (birthdays, new jobs, graduation, overthrowing the patriarchy, etc). My aim, always, is for items to be thoughtfully made and to be as special as who gets them. That might be you!

You want to know about me? Personally? Shucks.

My name is Ivy, nice to meet you! I'm a self-taught artist, a Cancer, a lover of hot sauce and gardening, and have been creating since I was a little kid thanks to my very artistic family. I am inspired by nature and by my training as a clinical psychologist to see the world from multiple perspectives. Follow me on instagram (@thoughtofyoushop) and tiktok (@ivanthebearable) to learn more about my journey as an artist!


If you're browsing and you find something you like, know that I Thought of U when I made it <3